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Beer Ingredients  -   Hops
Pellets, store refrigerated
E2095aWillamette, 1 oz.$2.39
E2090aTettnang, 1 oz.$2.59
E2065aNorthern Brewer, 1 oz.$2.79
E2020aNugget, 1 oz.$2.39
2020Perle, 1 oz.$2.39
2050Hallertau, (Germany) 1 oz.$2.59
E2015aCascade, 1 oz.$2.39
2080Saaz, (Czech) 1 oz.$2.59
E2035aFuggle, 1 oz.$2.59
2085Spalt, (Germany) 1oz.$2.59
E2025aCluster, 1 oz.$2.39
2052Goldings, (US) 1 oz.$2.59
E2020aCentennial, 1 oz.$2.49
E2020aChinook, 1 oz.$2.39
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