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Beer Equipment  -   Kit
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001Beginner to Intermediate Home Brewery This home brewery contains all the equipment you will need to make 5 gallons (about 50 12 oz. bottles) of delicious beer, but with two exceptions. A 20 qt. stainless steel kettle and the bottles are sold seperately. Contents of the brewery are: 6.5 gallon food grade plastic primary "Ale Pail" with lid, 5 gallon glass carboy (secondary fermenter) hydrometer, hydrometer test jar, baster, floating thermometer, fermentation lock, #7 rubber stopper, racking cane, 5‘ siphon hose, hose clamp, bucket clip, beer bottle brush, carboy brush, mixing paddle, reusable nylon grain bag, bottle filler, twin lever bottle capper, 55 bottle caps, 8 oz. "Straight-A" cleanser, 8 oz "One Step" sanitizer, "BSG Brewing Guide" (a "how to" beer making book) and Wally‘s personal instructions and brewing tips. With the purchase of this equipment kit you may purchase one of our "Brewer‘s Best" ingredient kits at a 10% discount to make this a complete at home brewery.$122.12
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