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Wine Ingredients  -   Wine Additives
Fruit Flavorings. For wine or beer, 4 oz
X6120aAcid Blend, 2 oz.$1.29
X6120bAcid Blend, 8 oz.$3.98
X6130aAscorbic Acid, 1 oz.$2.49
X6160Calcium Carbonate, 2 oz.$1.19
Campden Tablets (Potassium metabisulfite)
X6300aGrape Tannin Powder, 1 oz.$1.98
X6320aMalic Acid, 2 oz.$1.19
X6170aCitric Acid, 2 oz.$1.15
600250 count bottle$1.98
600125 count bottle$1.19
X6200aGlycerine, 4 oz. (finishing formula)$2.49
Oak Treatment, Infusion Spirals - Two 8 inch spirals per package, use 1/2 spiral per 5 gallons, Wally's personal instructions included with purchase
6314French, light toast$15.98
6316French, medium plus toast$15.98
6310American, light toast$8.98
6312American, medium plus toast$8.98
6313American, heavy toast$8.98
6311American, medium toast$8.98
6315French, medium toast$15.98
6317French Heavy toast$15.98
Oak Treatment, Chips, 8oz bag
X4547tFrench, toasted$4.49
X6340dAmerican White, not toasted$1.98
X6300Potassium Bicarbonate, 1oz$1.19
X6368aYeast Nutrient, 2oz$1.19
X6368bYeast Nutrient, 8oz$2.49
X6012aPotassium Metabisulphite, 2oz$1.19
X6355aStabilizer Crystals (potassium sorbate) 1oz$1.98
X6360aTartaric Acid, 2oz$2.29
X4514bYeast Energizer, 1oz$1.98
X6382Pectic Enzyme, 1oz dry$1.98
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