The Von Klopp Brew Shop stocks hundreds of items for the home wine maker. If you don't see what you need here, give us a call and we'll do our best to get it for you.
Wine Equipment  -   Racking & Bottling
Bottles - * Special shipping
Z5231cBordeaux/Claret, 750 ml clear (12 per case)$14.98
Z5230gBordeaux /Claret, 750 ml green (12 per case)$14.98
Z5232Bordeaux, 375 ml clear (24 per case) $9.50 for 6$34.98
Z5234Bordeaux - Screw cap, 750 ml. clear (12 per case)$16.98
Z5221Bordeaux, 375 ml green (24 per case) $9.50 for 6$34.98
Wine Racks
3018120 bottle, assembly required$119.00
3020C42 Bottle, assembly required$69.00
Shrink Capsules with grape design 30/bag
Y4545Purple, silver grapes$2.98
Y4571Blue, gold grapes$2.98
Y4570Black, gold grapes$2.98
Y4594Burgundy, gold grapes$2.98
Y4592Green, gold grapes$2.98
Y4573Gold, black grapes$2.98
Y4593White, gold grapes$2.98
Shrink capsules, solid color, no grapes
Y4589Red with Gold Top$2.98
Y4596Light blue$2.98
Y4597Metallic Ruby Red$2.98
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