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Wine Equipment  -   Test Instruments
5395Glass hydrometer test jar. Use with wine or distilled spirits.$5.98
Y5424Thermometer, floating, glass$6.98
Y2710Hydrometer Test Jar (12" plastic) screw on base$3.98
Y2715Hydrometer (triple scale)$6.98
Y5400Acid Testing Kit with Wally‘s tips and instructions$9.98
Y5410Baster (for pulling samples)$3.98
Y5440pH Meter buffer solution 7.01$1.98
Y5441pH Meter buffer solution 4.01$1.98
Y5377Thermo/Hydrometer a thermometer and hydrometer in one$14.98
Y5432Wine Theif, Fermtech (19" plastic)$9.98
Y5043Digital Scale, (Escali) 11# capacity. Weighs in grams or ounces. Batteries included.$29.98
Y5406Color Solution, 1/4 oz (refill for kit)$1.98
Y5408Sodium Hydroxide, 4 oz (refill for kit)$3.98
Y5412Titrets, box of 10$16.98
Y5426Dual Scale Thermometer attaches to outside of glass or plastic fermenters, reads inside temperature.$2.49
Y5428Vinometer, glass tells alcohol of finished dry wine$5.98
5450Proof & Tralle hydrometer for distilled spirits.$5.98
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